Finding Beauty in Dark Moments ...


Quotes 'Wow. Where do I begin Karen? The retreat came at a time where I was really struggling with an issue in my life. Yet I'd suppressed it to the point that I just felt sad and didn't know why. My weekend at the monastery with you felt life-changing. The thoughts and feelings that I became aware of and processed during the art therapy activities and our conversations over meals have made a huge impact on me. Before coming I would have loved a quick fix ? to make a decision. It would have been a decision made in haste though because I thought it was the only way to feel ?unstuck?. The retreat helped me to slow down and not be afraid of the decision-making process. I have a renewed faith in my own abilities to not just hang in there when it gets tough, but to make decisions that are right for me, and really go after what I truly desire. I know that sometime on my journey I will look back at my weekend in Stroud and be so thankful I met you and gained such knowledge about myself.' Quotes
Priya Joy
Retreat participant, Art teacher

Quotes Karen skilfully and gently focused and facilitated the group in each activity remaining flexible to those who needed a little more time. Karen has a wealth of knowledge about art therapy, life in general and how we are all inter connected with this universe. It was fascinating listening to her life experiences and being able to respectfully share our own. This I truly valued. I also learned some useful creative ways to move forward positively in my own personal journey via both journaling and visual art techniques. Quotes
Helen Bradshaw
Diversional Therapist/Artist, Brisbane, Australia

Quotes What do you do when life consumes you with its busy-ness? How do you get in touch with yourself again? I chose to spend a morning with Karen doing a sculpture on beautiful Killcare beach. Three pleasurable hours with nothing interrupting my peace of mind and my ?creation'. I lived and breathed IN each moment, and with Karen's thoughtful encouragement, took time to reflect on my life through my creation. It was sheer pleasure. Quotes
Retired Occupational Therapist

Quotes I have just attended a most inspiring workshop! I was at a cross-roads in my life and wanted some clarity to make important decisions of where my next steps should lead. I found the sand sculpturing to be extremely beneficial for this process to begin. The concepts of creativity, impermanence and utilising nature came together for me in a very harmonious way that lead to an expansion of perception when viewing my options. The insights I received from this activity have been profound and insightful. I would thoroughly recommend this process as a way of finding out where you are in the scheme of things and which direction you need to step out in from there. Quotes
Jeannie Lawson

Quotes I came to this workshop not knowing what to expect. However, a wealth of information began to flow as soon as I started to work with the canvas and sculptures. I became aware of how my unconscious was prodding me to do the right thing by me. It kept repeating the same message through different modalities. And the message was loud and clear: stay put, rest, recuperate from the years of onslaught, give yourself time to heal, let nature and art be your healer. Quotes
Retired Psychologist

Quotes Karen - You welcome people, share of yourself and your own journey so openly. Your manner quickly puts us at ease and relaxes us into the group. You reassure us about the process of making art from our heart and the unimportance of the appearance of the image. You encourage us to look deep inside and intuitively connect. And then the image magically happens - we surprise ourselves with our marks on paper, it all makes sense and healing happens! You tune in to each and every one of us with insight, perception, personal attention and empathy. We feel acknowledged and open more and give to each other in the group. We walk away with an enhanced understanding of ourselves, a belonging to humanity and inspiration to further our journey - tools which you so freely inspire and impart to us! Your blessing to us is the beauty and impact of Art Therapy. Quotes
Retired, Central Coast

Quotes 'I enjoyed The Journey Journal workshops at Maitland Art Gallery and was fascinated and surprised by the power of many of the art exercises. It was an easy and non- threatening way of identifying and addressing in part some of my own issues whilst identifying and sympathising with the issues of others. As the facilitator, Karen displayed her positive, warm and empathetic personality which I believe was central to the success of this group.' Quotes
Merridy Childs
Retired teacher.

Quotes I attended one of Karen's workshops at Maitland Art Gallery in order to overcome a creative block. I returned home feeling motivated enough to begin work again with confidence. It was the start of a new phase in my life. Quotes
Margaret Adams

Quotes At the Finding Beauty Retreat, participants finally felt free to express their feelings of insecurity, their un-beliefs in themselves, society and the world in general. Art was used to convey these inner turmoils, to free the spirit within. Quotes
Susan Filson
Librarian, Booral, Australia

Quotes I am still feeling amazed at the picture that emerged from within me. I am sure we all have treasures there to be discovered and you have the gift of bringing them to life. I thank you again and may you continue to be a blessing to others. Quotes
Retired, Newcastle