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I'm Assistant Editor, Arts and Art Therapy, on a wonderful site called They're lovely people at ATH and I'm forever grateful I wandered onto their site three years ago and saw they were asking for editors. The site brings together a worldwide community of individuals and alternative healing sites and organisations, dedicated to educating and inspiring people on topics relating to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit and the planet.If you're a practitioner, you can register your practice or orgainisation on the site for free. 

I've included a list of articles I've written for the site, articles I've commissioned from other artists and art therapists, plus youtube videos to do with the use of art and art therapy as healing tools. They will give you a good idea of who I am in relation to art therapy and using art/writing as therapy which you may be able to apply to your own life.

If you have an article on art therapy, how art has helped you through difficult times or just generally how you use art in your life, please feel free to contact me and I can submit it to allthingshealing. 

Youtube videos.

Applause: Art Therapy Studio 


Art and Insanity 

Art as a Therapeutic Tool: Two Perspectives of Product vs. Process 

Art Against Abuse

Art Gives Same Level of Pleasure as Being in Love - National Art Pass

Art Show at a Mental Hospital

Art Therapy 

Art Therapy: A Documentary 

Art Therapy- Art Therapists as Artists 

Art Therapy: Pt1 A cure missed. 

Art Therapy Activities : Art Therapy for Autistic Children 

Art Therapy and Mental Health 

Art Therapy and The Self Can Cure Psychosis 

Art Therapy Has Many Faces 

Art Therapy at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent

Art Therapy Helps Reform Terrorists 

Art Therapy Program in Addiction Recovery 

Art Therapy Session : Using Art to Overcome Addiction 

Art Therapy Skit- Parody of Healthy Youth Being Drugged (Unschooler comedy)

Art Therapy Workshop at TAPS Seminar 

Arts In Mind 2011

Beyond Bingo: Art Therapy for the Elderly Beating Addiction Through Art 

The Brush, The Pen and Recovery 

Careers in Art Therapy

Clouds by Zach SobiechDisabled Art Therapy Centre Takes Art Market By Storm

Dr Barbara Fish on Art Therapy in Schools

Expressions Of The Soul - Art Therapy 

Frank Warren: Half a Million Secrets 

Freedoms Voice : A Film by Ayin Cushnir

Georgian Art Therapy Center Offers New Way Out Of Addiction 

Group Art Therapy

Healing Begins: Recovery from Rape/Sexual Assault/Abuse 

The Hero Book: Art and Narrative Group Workshop 

How Creating Art Helped Me Beat My Eating Disorder

I Remember Better When I Paint - Treating Alzheimers Through Creative Arts 

I'm An Artist Movie Trailer


International Medical Corps Art Therapy 

Just One of Those Days

Louis Wain Before and After Schizophrenia 

The Love Competition 

Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles 

Medical Art Therapy Workshop

Mental Health & Art Therapy 

Michael Kirby Visits Creative Works Studio 

Neuro Rehab : The Artists 

NIAD Center for Arts & Disabilities

Painting Demo: URBAN EXPRESSIONS, Modern Art, Start to Finish

Painting in Twilight : An Artist's Escape from Alzheimer's 

See me, Im Being Creative 


Time to Listen Trailer 

War Is Not A Game

What Art Can Mean for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury

What ED Recovery Has Taught Me 

What Is Art Therapy?

Why Art Therapy : Carrie Wicks

Why Do We Need Art in Education?


  • "What do you do when life consumes you with its busy-ness? How do you get in touch with yourself again? I chose to spend a morning with Karen doing a sculpture on beautiful Kil..."
    Retired Occupational Therapist
  • "I have just attended a most inspiring workshop! I was at a cross-roads in my life and wanted some clarity to make important decisions of where my next steps should lead. I found..."
    Jeannie Lawson