Finding Beauty in Dark Moments ...

Creative Expression for Depression/Anxiety. 

Depression effects one in five Australians during their lives. A staggering number! For some, depression is a short-term visitor; for others, it is a recurring motif throughout their lives. Depression often causes people to withdraw and become lost in their feelings, whereas art activities offer a means to release negative emotions and reconnect with the community. 

The vital connection between the arts and health is being re-established in both the collective imagination and in public policy. Having myself suffered from depression and anxiety in the past, I am aware of the horror and bleakness that prolonged depression and anxiety can wreak in one's life. Art and art therapy are the means I found to be most beneficial for both understanding these emotional states and for ensuring that they have no further place in my life. 

Please note that this workshop is not intended to replace medication or medical treatment. The aim is to introduce participants to art-making, creativity and reflection in the use of art for change and self-awareness. Art is a particularly potent way of illustrating each individual's personal experience of depression and anxiety and hence, ways of dealing more effectively with these states.

All materials are provided but please bring an A4 visual diary in which to record your observations, insights etc. 

Bookings are essential. I am more than happy to provide additional information so please feel free to contact me.  


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