Finding Beauty in Dark Moments ...

Finding Beauty - The Monastery, Stroud; May, 2012 Sign In or Register to add photos

Sometimes, we move so fast we forget to notice how beautiful the world is. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the pace of our lives that we don?t allow ourselves to stop, draw breath and just look around us. Sometimes, in our most difficult moments, we forget the beauty and wisdom that each of us has within. This weekend at The Monastery, Stroud is an opportunity to slow down, breathe, walk, play, create. time + nature + serenity + art + journalling + reflection + storytelling = discovery / rediscovery of who you are + insight + greater clarity + peace ...
Creating ...
Creating ...
... And Fire-making
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  • "What do you do when life consumes you with its busy-ness? How do you get in touch with yourself again? I chose to spend a morning with Karen doing a sculpture on beautiful Kil..."
    Retired Occupational Therapist
  • "I have just attended a most inspiring workshop! I was at a cross-roads in my life and wanted some clarity to make important decisions of where my next steps should lead. I found..."
    Jeannie Lawson